Why My Personal Trainer Medina?

At My Personal Trainer, we are dedicated to stopping people’s endless frustrations with the fitness industry and reversing their negative experiences with positive results. Our unique purpose-driven protocol is based on elite-level equipment in a private, non-intimidating gym setting with a one-on-one trainer. All you need is two, 20-minute workouts each week. This infrequency in progressive training allows the muscles time to rebuild properly and creates lean muscle mass. Repetitions on our high-tech machines are executed in a slow, safe, controlled manner to fatigue the muscles without putting stress on the joints, bones and connective tissue. While many trainers turn away those with disabilities or conditions, we believe if you can move, you can improve.

We’ve helped our clients change their fitness levels, even if they suffer from pre-existing conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, disabilities, cancer, diabetes, balance trouble, weak backs and knees. Motivation and accountability are the keys to our program. Your success is our success.

“This my ‘self-care’. Program has relieved debilitating hip pain and I’m getting back to activities I love ”

“If you are in search of a knowledge, certified and caring personal trainer I strongly recommend My Personal Trainer. It’s a great.”

“Dan is wonderful. He helped me strengthen my core and lose 30 lbs”

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Convenience of Program

Aerobic training

Anyone can squeeze 20 minutes, twice per week into their busy schedules. Our clients say putting the appointment on their calendar helps keep them accountable.

And the studios are open in the early mornings and after work hours, too.

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Get stronger everyday

Our cost effective program is up to 70% less than most other personal training programs which provides a a healthy lifestyle change for the long term.

We’re also proud of our 60% client retention rate for an industry with an average rate of 10%..

*Pricing may vary at certain locations.

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Results Driven

Convenience of Program

One of the most important aspects of our program is that we consistently measure each client’s results. Our educated trainers make sure you are losing fat and weight while gaining lean muscle and strength, and improving balance, flexibility and bone density.

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