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Step into an atmosphere that is unique, one that is dedicated to helping YOU reach your goals. Here at My Personal One-on-One Trainer, we take your goals very seriously. No more endless frustrations with yo-yo dieting and doing the wrong fitness training. We want to take away those negative experiences and replace them with proven results! With locations all over Northeast Ohio, we make it convenient to stop in just twice a week for a 20-minute workout with one of our certified trainers. Our top-level equipment is in a private, clean, and non-intimidating setting, where we will listen to what you want to achieve and help you get there. If you can move – we can help. No matter your age or what ailments you have, we can help! We have helped hundreds of people just like you with conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia just to name a few. Our unique approach is gentle on the body but provides the results that last a lifetime. We provide the guidance, motivation, fun, and accountability – you provide the smile when you reach your goal.

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Recent Success Stories

“CONGRATULATIONS Donna and keep up the amazing work!”

Meet Donna – she has been a member of our MPT Medina family since 2020 and her dedication and hard work has paid off!  Donna has been consistent in showing up twice a week for her strength training sessions and following her recommended nutrition plan. Not only is she seeing a world of difference in her physical state but her mental well being. Best of all she is having FUN!

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We understand how frustrating information is today revolving around living a healthy lifestyle. Our unique program will help you achieve those goals, and because we are confident our program can help you realize your dreams, we invite you to come try us out at no cost to you!

Contact us today to grab your FREE sessions and see the difference our program can make in your healthy life!

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We will then schedule you for your free session, where we will explain our program and allow you to experience it first-hand.

We will then schedule you for your free session, where we will explain our program and allow you to experience it first-hand.

Change your life

Some of our success stories

Meet Kim – she has been a member of our MPT family since 2016! She initially signed up because she loved the fact that the sessions were only twice a week for 20 minutes, which worked well with her busy schedule. Since 2016, she has lost 50 lbs and counting! She feels stronger, more comfortable, and more confident than ever.

Kim’s words of encouragement: You are never too young or old to feel amazing. You can sit on the couch all day long and feel like this is what life has to offer OR you can invest in YOURSELF!

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“CONGRATULATIONS Kim and keep up the amazing work!”

“This power couple is making a difference in their lives”

Change your life

Some of our success stories

Meet Greg and Donna who have lost a combined weight of 73 pounds of fat and added 20% strength increase. Look at those muscles!

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